A personal reflection on spirituality and god

7 Differences Between Spirituality and Religion

What do you need to let go of in your life right now to move into this place within. After you have finished a journal entry, take a walk or get up for a glass of water before you reread your entry, and remember to reread this entry with compassion. Human bodily existence is the result of sin.

But anyway, from the day I was taken home from my biological mother, I had a stuffed animal that I could not spend a second of my life without. The notion of union with, and participation in, the life of Jesus Christ is further developed in St.

In her famous book, Mysticism: Just who am I. Second, the life and death of Jesus Christ are offered as the fundamental pattern for Christian life. In recent times, the lyric poetry of the late Elizabeth Jennings is deeply imbued with her inner struggles and her Christian faith.

All you need to do is let him listen. When faced with a decision about becoming a religious, she insisted on only one concession — the new congregation would be free of enclosure and its sisters would be free to go out among the poor, the sick, the forsaken ones in their homes, their hovels, the prisons, the workhouses without relinquishing prayer, silence, meditation and the recitation of the Office.

50 Questions for Reflection and Personal Growth

Rest in the remarkable faithfulness of God, holding you in tender love. What is the relationship between such a spirituality and the classic traditions of Christian Spirituality. First, authentic spirituality necessarily demands that humanity should engage fearlessly with the structures of injustice and violence.

What do I need to have to start my Spiritual Journal. Thus, the theme of transformation in Christian spirituality is nowadays more explicitly engaged with the question of transforming society rather than simply transforming individual lives. The Insight comes from the act of writing itself, the Insight Line simply helps you discover, name and express it.

Write out one thing you are afraid to tell Jesus.

A reflection:

It is not an inspirational text but a collection of practical notes for a retreat guide. His metaphor was the story of Moses climbing Mount Sinai to enter deep clouds of darkness in his encounter with God.

Religion is more of a communal practice, while spirituality is more personal and individual. I define “creativity” as being able to create one’s own opinions and beliefs. In other words, it is the ability to “think outside of the box” and to formulate your own opinions on various topics.

A Personal Reflection on Forgiveness

CSP Writing for Spirituality (1) A course for students which offers an opportunity for individual mentoring in the skills necessary to complete capstone essays in graduate- level English where emphasis is placed on writing that is the fruit of reflection on both academic study and personal appropriation.

spiritual life as a means of receiving His grace.”2 So, now it becomes a matter of choosing to practice spiritual disciplines (prayer, celebration, silence, worship) that will usher me into the presence of God so that I can receive His gift of grace. he Spirituality of the Catechist Purpose and “Reflection on Personal Spiritual Growth”) Preparation Let’s take a moment to center ourselves in the love of God, which surrounds us everywhere and always.

Pause for a moment of silence. Play soft music, if desired. Aspects of Catherine's Life and Spirituality. Talk given at the Mercy Associate Conference (Great Britain) on October 4th Used.

Reflection and Our Active Lives

Spirituality and Aging Well: A Personal, Spiritual Perspective Debbie Duke, MSN, RN God’s words of wisdom “are life to those who find them and health to a man’s whole body” Proverbs Spirituality is a reflection of a person’s.

A personal reflection on spirituality and god
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